About Us

Founded in 2012, Sinister Soul has stood for a innovative and trendsetting handcrafted jewelry brand based in Los Angeles. With a focus on creating pieces that add a stylish element to the attire of the modern man and woman, Sinister Soul holds the highest quality of workmanship.

Throughout the years, Sinister Soul has always been true and faithful to its core, designing technically innovative pieces that add an extra dimension to jewelry and accessories from season to season. A major aspect of Sinister Soul is individuality. Our diverse designs for rings, earrings, chains, pendants, beads and bracelets are harmonised and can be combined perfectly with one another.This gives rise to creating your authenticity, culture, and creativity.

Channeling the creative spirit of the brand, Sinister Soul is committed to crafting each collection with the finest materials. Utilising luxurious materials from semi-precious stones to diamonds and leather, Sinister Soul is styling a new contemporary code to create exceptional pieces with a luxe aesthetic. By blending luxury materials with cutting-edge metallic detailing, and infused with the characteristically unique approach to jewellery and accessories design, Sinister Soul is leading the way in creating distinctive pieces for the discerning gentleman.

 Our aim is to offer every soul – whether man or woman – the ideal accessory for every outfit and for every occasion. You can then reinvent yourself every day, from timeless classic to way-out rock ‘n’ roll style.


A look into the creative director-

Starting as a young man, Harry Markarian has obtained his passion and skill from his family, surroundings and rich culture. He has meticulously studied the art and craft of jewelry at a very young age and delivers no less than his 110% to each piece he touches. As a martial artist and a musician he lives and breathes growth and individuality. Each piece sends a message to every soul regarding happiness, growth, learning, harmony, balance, and believing in yourself while letting the universe takes its course.

“Our jewelry is a piece of us, and now it is a part of you.”

Contact info@sinistersoul.com for any questions or inquiries.